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About Mieszko

Art has been a life-long source of expression for Mieszko Kwiatkowski, an individual with Down Syndrome who began painting at the age of three. He studied art at Watauga High School and Appalachian State University where he graduated from the Scholars with Diverse Abilities Program. Mieszko has won awards for his art work and is a respected artist regardless of his disability.He is currently enrolled in the Art Mart Academy in Boone, NC. 

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This micro business, known as MieszkoArt, helps Mieszko get his artwork out to the public while also helping him become more financially independent. Our goal is to show others that people with intellectual disabilities can be important players in the business world if we give them the chance to showcase their abilities.

MieszkoArt Staff

Current Staff
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Social Media Manager: Cayla Edwards

Cayla is a senior Public Relations major from Appalachian State University. Outside of interning with MieszkoArt, Cayla is a graphic design intern for Watauga Compassionate Community Initiative, a Night Assistant Supervisor on their university's campus, and president of One Acchord, a co-ed a cappella group at App State. Cayla loves working with MieszkoArt because they are "happy to have the opportunity to provide a voice for a disenfranchised group of people."

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